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When justice must be served, contact an Lincoln government liability lawyer. Lincoln personal injury lawyers can successfully pursue your case against the government.

When the government causes you harm, you have rights!

Don't be a victim of government negligence. If you are a government employee that has been injured, or a civilian who has been injured by the actions of a government body or a government employee within the scope of his or her employment, you may be able to seek recovery against the government itself. This page addresses actions against the State of Nebraska and the local government.

Click here for a general overview of Government Liability law prior to reading the Nebraska State Tort Claims Act, or here if your claim concerns federal government negligence. Lincoln government liability attorneys can help you regardless of which government body caused your injury. Call a qualified Lincoln government liability lawyer today for help with your claim against the government.

Lincoln Nebraska State Tort Claims Act lawyers may pursue cases against state or municipal government bodies within the State of Nebraska in adherence with the following code. Additionally, the governmental body that caused the injury must adhere to these rules in responding to the claim.

State Tort Claims Act

For information on the Federal Tort Claims Act, click here.

For a general overview of Government Liability law, click here.


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Rest assured that an Lincoln government liability attorney will be familiar with both federal and state laws and will have the expertise necessary to aggressively pursue your claim and get you the financial recovery you deserve. Contact one of the qualified Lincoln tort claims act lawyers on this site today.